My name is Meagan Kunisch.

Are you searching for inspiration or motivation to help you along this health and fitness journey? Maybe you’re already into living a health conscious life and were searching for others who delight in the same lifestyle. Regardless of your motives you ended up here on my blog. A blog dedicated to sharing with you all of the amazing ways for you to live a healthy and fit life.

A blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating others in reaching their health and fitness goals no matter how big or small. We all have that one thing that sparks the flames that will blaze a path towards our goals. That one thing that helps motivate us and inspires us to begin. For myself it was a person that inspired me, a girl names Dianna Dahlgren to be exact. I saw her on the cover of a health and fitness magazine and fell in love with how fit and beautiful she looked.  I wanted to be strong like her; I wanted to be fit like her. So, I opened that magazine and turned to the pages of her demonstrating her favorite leg/glute exercises. You better believe I did her routine the next day and loved it! That spark, that one motivational spark, grabbed hold of me and quickly engulfed me in it’s flames. I wanted more, I wanted to lift weights and not just any weights but I wanted to lift heavy! I wanted to be strong. I was tired of being a typical girl in the gym sweating it out on the treadmill. I wanted to be the girl lifting the weights with the big guys. I craved that strength, so I did it. I envisioned where I could see myself physically and mentally, and I worked hard for it. Hell, I’m working hard for it every single day. It never stops. It is a constant thirst; a thirst that I am okay with. Why? Because fitness is my passion and improving my health is a beautiful reward.

So, you … those of you who have been waiting for some sign to get started … well, here it is …

There is no time like now. There is no day like today. The days will fly by whether you want them to or not, whether you choose to be
healthy or just sit there wasting away, the days will pass. It’s time to make a decision.

I chose to begin living a healthier more fit life,

Will you?

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“We rise by lifting others.”


25 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nate Dyhre says:


    I am a fan and Instagram follower. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and I was wondering if I were to give you my address here could you send a calendar or photos? It’d be a real cool thing to have a picture of you up on the wall. Email me if you wouldn’t mind and I can email you the address here. Hope to hear from you.



    • FitLife says:

      Hi nate! I am flattered and thank you for your service however I do have a boyfriend and do respect him so I won’t be able to send any pictures. I do apologize! Return home safely!


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