Hot Heelz Boutique: A Passion for Fashion

So, you love to shop?

I know, as ladies we are always looking for the best, most affordable prices when it comes to shopping those new spring and summer styles! With warmer weather upon us it is time to clear that closet of old, rugged winter clothing and replace it all with a fun, colorful, and fresh wardrobe!


If you haven’t been to Hot Heelz Boutique you are certainly missing out!

Hot Heelz Boutique is one of the most popular and most affordable boutiques that provides one of the largest assortments of not only stylish shoes and heelz ( I know ladies, our favorite right?!) but also, super chic clothing and accessories! I am a huge fan of the variety Hot Heelz offers from tanks, tees, jeans, shorts, heelz, flats, jewelry and so much more!


My friend Lisa is the owner of this fabulous boutique and has really built it from the ground up. The yard sales she regularly visited before owning Hot Heelz were the sparks that lit her fire! She went from searching through various yard sales to find the most affordable and stylish gems and selling her treasures on E-Bay to owning one of the most successful boutiques in Georgia and online. That’s right, you don’t have to live in good ‘ole Atlanta, Georgia to enjoy the amazing assortment of heelz, clothing, and accessories! Her entire store is available online too!

Her dream of owning her very own boutique did not come easy. C’mon what successful dreams don’t experience hard times? With the loss of her corporate job in 2007 and no one willing to hire her she was finally able to give her dream her all! She used her entire life savings to help fund the launch of her boutique to help get it off the ground. The process was rocky and as a result, she lost everything. But, like any motivated and determined entrepreneur that did not stop her.

With persistence, perseverance, and drive her dream has successfully come true! Today her boutique is a huge success providing fashionable heelz, clothing, and accessories to fashionistas like you! The profit that is made at Hot Heelz Boutique helps to fund school tuition and fees. With the success of Hot Heelz Boutique Lisa will be able to give back to her community by being able to give grants to other women who are interested in bettering themselves through higher education.

C’mon ladies let’s support and guide each other towards reaching our dreams and aspirations, not just for ourselves but those lives we may touch.




Instagram: @hotheelzboutique


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