Diet or Exercise – Is one more important than the other?

What are your thoughts? 

Do you think diet is more important?


Do you think exercise is more important?

Please share your thoughts.

Your comments will help me write my next blog post on this debate.


10 thoughts on “Diet or Exercise – Is one more important than the other?

  1. gojenbefit says:

    They are both important. But it depend on what either of them can and will do for someone. Are either for weight loss, disease prevention, diagnosis corrections, build of stamina, preparation of marathon, walk increase. One maybe more important than the other depending on the situation.

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    • FitLife says:

      I 100% agree. I didn’t even think about looking at it from that perspective. Depending on a person’s goals one might be more important than the other. Like helping a person with metabolic recovery after years and years of “diets” or extreme dieting down for competition and what not. Thank you so much for your response gojenbefit!

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    • FitLife says:

      I certainly agree that life requires a balance of the two. I do agree that with good nutrition you are able to ward off disease and infection with adequate intake of nutrients resulting in longevity. For the sake of the conversation, what about longevity of your bones and muscles? Our bones are constantly under a state of degradation and rebuilding. As we get older, especially women, that process slows down making our bones brittle and more likely to form skeletal diseases like osteoporosis. In order to prevent these types of skeletal diseases our bones need to be under a state of wear and tear aka exercise, to make them stronger.

      Thank you so much again for your comment Advocare Distributor!


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      • advocare distributor says:

        Much of the bone degradation is due to high the processing of artificial sweeteners, like hfcs, which uses calcium in the process. Now the calcium that is in milk is in too complex a form to be utilized without sufficient magnesium intake. Therefore the body grabs it from the next available source being the bones.

        The exercise issue is a result of the body needing more calcium to reinforce the bones, but people are not supplementing to provide it. As a result there is embrittlement and breakage.

        Clifford T Mitchem
        Advocare Distributor
        Nutrition + Fitness = Health


  2. Marshall Kunisch says:

    You can not have one without the other. It’s Yin and Yang. If you ditch the diet and go for straight exercise then yea you will be strong you may be fast but are you truly healthy. Let us take CT Fletcher for instance, back in the day this man was a beast bench press comps and setting one of the records for heaviest Standing curl. His diet was full of Mcdonalds and not giving a crap about what he put in his system. He would eat what ever he got his hands on and one day one of the strongest men out there went to the hospital from a Heart Attack. Now, let us take a look at pure diet. If you focus more on diet then you will be healthier, cleaner arteries, better circulation of the blood, nutrients, etc… Your organs will love you because they are not having to filter out any type of shit you put in your body. In doing this is your body healthy though? One thing I have learned through my time in the gym is if you do not use it you will lose it. Bones and muscle must be worked out and put under stress in order to be stronger and adding in good diet only enhances how strong bones and muscle will get. There is not one answer to your question, you need both. You can not have one without the other.

    Now on to the part about women and losing bone density as they get older. AKA Osteoporosis. Women are at a higher risk of obtaining this over time just do to them being female which is unfortunate. Calcium will and is always the best way to strengthen bones. Another way to strengthen bones and is a good thing to start at a younger age but you can start at any age is doing heavy lifts. Squats,deadlifts, and even bench. These exercises load your bones and joints; which A: makes them stronger and B: breaks done the bone in order for it to be repaired into stronger bone. This is just another reason why you must have both to be healthy.

    Sorry for the rant, hope it all made since.

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    • FitLife says:

      Absolutely made sense! I agree with everything you said: fitness and diet go together like : two halves to a whole, two peas in a pod, yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly, etc. lol

      Thank you marshall!


  3. saramizer says:

    Good post! Wellness is achieved through a balance of many elements. Nutrition and exercise are two of the most important factors in determining your health status. As a registered nurse, I educate patients on both topics. In terms of preventative health, lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise are a great defense against chronic illness. There is a direct correlation between diet/exercise and risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and many other debilitating illnesses. Diet is more crucial for my patient population because they are paralyzed and do not have the luxury of physical activity. Thanks for the post, looking forward to reading more
    Sara Mizer, RN, BSN
    BLS, ACLS, AMLS certified

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    • FitLife says:

      Thank you so much! Again determining whether diet or exercise is more important can be very situational like the patients you work with. Thank you!


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